Well, of course you do… who would ever say they have enough clients?

The REAL question is — how do you get more clients?

Achieving success in the real estate industry requires a lot of work, and a skill set that requires a balance of interpersonal skills, market knowledge, customer service, tenacity, and the energy and multitasking ability to look after current clients while simultaneously prospecting for new ones.

It should come as no surprise that the real estate industry is one which has been met by a myriad of challenges this past decade. However, a good number of key players in the real estate industry are still doing very well. I know you are tempted to pick up the phone and ask me HOW ? I will tell you in a bit, just read on…

So what are the issues facing the real estate market?

1. Poor sales performance.
2. Poor conversion – not able to close leads.
3. Marketing budgets not producing results.
4. Bigger ticket value units not moving.
5. Lot of unsold – ready to move in inventory.
6. Sales & Marketing force not producing required results.
7. Leadership crisis in driving the team.
8. Policy issues – Govt, RERA, poor customer sentiments.
9. Pressure from the investors / bankers.
10. Not able to reduce cost – Overheads and interests has to be serviced.

To top it all off, Real Estate is a competitive business! and like any other business, you can either adapt and thrive, or stagnate, and say goodbye.

So the big question is how can you adapt and thrive in the highly competitive real estate market?

The reality is that you may NEVER be able to without the assistance of a full stack marketing company.


The digital world is changing lives, faster than most can catch their breath, and for the real estate market this means a rapidly changing landscape. Full stack marketing professionals are tech-obsessed, multi-skilled and data-driven creators.

If your property business is going to thrive in the digital world, today’s real estate marketers need to be tech-savvy, consumer-focused, multi-skilled creators who are leading the pack in digital disruption.

During our 10 years + of experience in the real estate industry, we have witnessed many project lifecycle from start to handover – market conditions, the best/ worst turnarounds and market movements.

We have learned valuable insights of the trade, tried and tested many tactics, worked and collaborated with different departments – spent time to understand the project from different stakeholders perspective (Developer, banker / investor who finances the project, architect, approval authority, engineering and tech team, etc..)

We also studied the clients of various categories – understood their expectations, behaviours, needs, motives and sales journey through face to face meetings…

Now you are thinking we must have really had a hit in real estate. Yes that’s true, but recall we did also mention that we have seen the best and worst turnarounds and market movements as well.

So what’s the difference between the best and worst experience?

Effective Real Estate Marketing!

If you are serious about attracting and prospecting for new leads, marketing is an important part of staying top of mind among your target market.

Yes, referrals are gold and should be an important part of your marketing plan, but you simply can’t ignore trying to reach out to new clients and prospects who aren’t yet aware of you and your brand.There’s also a lot of value in increasing your visibility online & offline so both current and prospective clients see more of you.

This is where working with a full stack real estate marketing company can make a big difference.

NOTE: I am not talking about typical ad/digital marketing agencies who only know how to do a campaign stunt and wouldn’t care whether you are losing or winning longterm.

Full stack marketing is complex and traverses every surface of the marketing funnel and the customer lifecycle. The beauty of a full-stack marketer is that they know how to reach and engage every single touch point of these funnels & cycles at the lowest acquisition cost possible. They wont carpet bomb the communications to the whole world instead the narrow down the best customer match and go after them strategically


As a Full stack real estate marketing agency we are focussed here to help you market your projects and generate leads by using both right online and offline channels.

Hiring us will bring more values and positive impact throughout the project sales cycle unlike a one off stunt campaign.

Well “talk is cheap” they say. How about showing you some projects where we have helped past clients to improve their market share?

Titanium City

Albatross – Positioning & Go to Market Strategy

Albatross is a upscale lifestyle project development on OMR. It was joint development between Kotak & Archean group. The project is modern lifestyle community especially designed for young IT couples and next-gen entrepreneurs to enjoy a high quality of life.

What we did

We were challenged with improving the project visibility of their brand new project.

We did this by having a well laid out digital strategy, hyper local targetting & content optimisation and a Digital PR approach to Link building.

Creation of a targeted content calendar and the creation of new landing pages with SEO potential.

As the project was positioned as Modern Lifestyle community and located closed to sea, we adopted a life by the sea approach to link building. Acting as a Digital PR agency, we targeted various websites which has young TG to offer lifestyle & community related stories. As the content was of a sufficient quality and the websites were respectable, we could generate quality traffic and leads

Results & Stats

Results have been phenomenal and within 3 months of starting campaign work we were already ranking #1 for the key term “lifestyle projects in OMR” and variations.

182% Increase in sessions
224% Increase in new users
79% Increase in goal completions (enquiries)
Enquiries Qualified Leads Site Visits No of units Sold Sales Revenue Sales Revenue In Cr
1944 486 243 81 575473000 57.55

Quadrant – Luxury project repositioning

Quadrant is one of the most luxurious residential development in Chennai. They wanted to increase the project visibility online and reach out to potential customers with tailor made offers and packages. They also wanted a campaign that stood out from the competition and did justice to their elite client base.

What we did

Since March 2018 we’ve been working with the TVH Quadrant team to drive leads for ready to move in super luxury homes in Adyar. Each unit size is approached differently, as the target audience and sales package is extremely varied and often quite niche.

Advertising mediums utilised include PPC (Google, Facebook, remarketing), Display and LinkedIn. On LinkedIn we’ve leveraged many ad formats, including sponsored updates, InMails and Dynamic Ads, with more plotted out to test.

Consistent in everything we do is heavy targeting, which help minimise inefficient spend. Given the nature of the offer, we’ve had to take an advanced data-led approach to targeting, working closely with the client as we do so, to ensure the right unit types are being advertised to the right people.

Results & Stats

Across the board we have gathered immeasurably valuable data to inform ongoing campaigns and drive continuous improvements to the efficiency of each one. We also know that compared to last year, when the agency at the time ran much more loosely targeted Display activity to achieve the same objective, we are delivering far greater quantities of leads, which are also of superior quality.

83% Increase in brochure downloads
64% Increase in leads
42% Increase in site visits
5.52% Average Conversion Rate
2M Impressions per month
53% Decrease in Cost per lead acquisition

About the project

To support the launch of their new township project ‘Titanium City’ residential plots at west Tambaram, we drove engagement, high-impact awareness and high-value lead generation with Chennai & TN property buyers in key catchment area

What we did

TVH pride themselves on having a local approach. Given that, to connect with the large property market on a personal level, we analysed and segmented big data – over 90+ postcodes – into 53 catchment areas surrounding the project and its catchment for hyperlocal social media targeting across Facebook, Google, Youtube and Affiliated ad networks.

By showing users acutely geotargeted ads with one of a kind oportunity, we provoked our audience’s interest and drove traffic with intent to pre register and visit the site.

We used layered targeting techniques to identify the right audiences amongst social media users, based on location, age, property ownership status, and interests including affinity with TVH’s competitors.

Despite initially only being set to run for a short period, campaign performance was so strong that it was extended by 6 months

Results & Stats

We surpassed targets across all KPIS, delivering the majority of website traffic throughout the campaign and driving nearly two and a half times above target, with a view to delivering massive ROI.

Despite initially only being set to run for a short period, campaign performance was so strong that it was extended by 6 months with plans to revisit this at a later date.

16m+ Impressions with key audiences across TN
~98k Interactions on ads (average 3.2% interaction rate)
~38k Website visits (75% of all website traffic during campaign period)
5.26% Click-through-rate (38% above industry average)
61p Cost per click (56% below industry average)
Enquiries Qualified Leads Site Visits No of units Sold Sales Revenue Sales Revenue In Cr
3915 1445 937 255 851673480 85.17

The real question isn’t if we can grow your client base… it’s whether or not you actually want to work with us…But there’s good news. I and my team are willing!

SO — if you want to work with me and grow your business,