Lead Generation

  1. Mapping the right offline & online marketing funnels for targeted sales prospects
  2. Effective content and media plan for channel outreach
  3. Track and optimising media channels
  4. Design and build of lead nurturing flow & behaviour patterns

Project Marketing
  1. Craft out the overall customer acquisition strategy
  2. An effective plan for NRI sales and marketing
  3. Help formulate guidelines on ‘Customer Experience’ across physical and digital touch-points
  4. Guide the team in defining the ‘customer journey’ and ‘information release strategy’ for both inbound and outbound engagement
  5. Review and realign plans and activities real-time during the initial phases of launch
  6. Review and provide guidance on deal-closure and advancement of purchase decision tactics


  1. Enable a clear understanding of the project (Affordable / Premium / Luxury) market
  2. Identify possible target segments basis detailed consumer understanding, research and interviews
  3. Evaluate and enable strategic alliances so as to strengthen the core proposition
  4. Help finalize Product definition and clarification – finishing touches to enhance the marketability of the product
  5. Sharpen the Brand Architecture so as to create maximum impact for the corporate and product brand
  6. Guide and help formulate the positioning of the brand to differentiate it clearly in the market
  1. Review and monitor the creative development process
  2. Help evolve the advertising campaign for the project launch
  3. Guide in creating the entire collateral package across touchpoints
  4. Brochures
  5. Sales Presentations
  6. Website
  7. Digital documents
  8. Various forms and formats (eg. Site Visit form, sales review format)
  9. Site branding
  10. Customer experience enhancement collaterals